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Starring Jacquelyn Velvets 

Another day, another compound full of Jacquelyn Velvets’s nefarious clones... 

This time, our story takes us to Cloning Facility JV-X971, a teeming hive cleverly hidden among the cookie-cutter McMansions of American suburbia. Fortunately, the CIA was able to locate the compound well before the clones were released to wreak scantily-clad chaos in the streets. Unfortunately, these clones are much closer in generation to the original Jacquelyn (and thus substantially smarter) than the average JV knockoff. 

You’re not even sure exactly how they caught you. You remember a creak on the hardwood floor behind you and a blinding pain in your head. The next thing you knew, you woke up strapped to this chair with a purring clone picking out the various implements of your impending torture and execution. You have to think quickly, relying on everything you’ve learned in all your years as the Agency’s top Velvets Hunter. The JV-Betas are shrewd, strong, and quick...but you recall a briefing from a few years ago that exposed their one glaring weakness…

They are insatiably horny. Good thing the CIA made you take all those charm lessons! As you give JV-Beta-18 your sexiest smile, she quickly takes the bait and exposes herself to your attack. 

You’re free!

Now you just need to complete your mission and clear out this nest. You best be quiet though, lest you have the whole crowd come down on you at once! You snap neck after neck, wrenching the poor clones from this mortal coil with a professional brutality that belies your own personal satisfaction. 

It’s going to be a long night.

This movie contains hand over mouth, multiple neck snap deaths, strangulation KO, deaths with eyes closed, groping, POV cradle carries, POV dragging


  • 29 minutes runtime 
  • Resolution - 720x1280
  • File Size - 1.45 GB

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