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The Sole Mission


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Ashley Graham, and Jinx. Based off a custom script, Agent Velvets and her rookie teammate Jinx are sent to inflitrate the house of rival agent (played by Ashley Graham). With the clock ticking and Jinx no where to be found, Jacquelyn takes it upon herself to investigate the house herself. An unlocked door should have been her first indication that it was a trap, but before she has a chance to figure it out, she is knocked unconscious by a pistol whip to the back of her head.

We then fade in on Jacquelyn knocked out and tied up, while the devious Ashley admires her sleeping form, and more importantly her pretty feet. Ashley slips out of her dress, and wants to take things further, but when Jacquelyn awakens, Ashley pulls out her gun and makes a deal with Jacquelyn that will keep her alive: to serve ONLY HER. Jacquelyn unwillingly complys, and is forced to endure Ashley's foot fetish fantasies by having her toes and soles lovingly worshiped. After a few minutes, Ashley grows tired of hearing Jacquelyn's moans of complaints, and once again pistol whips Jacquelyn right back to Dreamland so Ashley can further enjoy licking the precious soles of Jacquelyn's feet.

Ashley then recalls Jacquelyn has her partner on the way; a rookie played by Jinx who's late arrival will cost her. When Jinx discovers a bound and knocked out Jacquelyn however, she panics but only until she suffers the same sleepy fate with a pistol whip KO to the back of her head. When Jinx awakens she witnesses Jacquelyn suddenly on Ashley's side, and after some convincing via foot worship, Jinx agrees to switch sides and join the devious duo. Jinx gets knocked out with a pressure point, so she doesn't get to witness Jacquelyn suddenly turn the tables on an unsuspecting Ashley Graham. When Jinx comes to, Jacquelyn congratulates her on pulling off a thrilling and successful ruse, one that Jinx wasn't even aware of.  Jinx carries an unconscious Ashley over her shoulders as the two agents make a successful trip back to headquarters!  

This movie contains multiple pistol whip KOs, foot pressure point KO, shoe head bonk KO, over the shoudler carry, bondage, limp limb manipulation, sleepy kissing, emphasis on foot licking/sucking/worshiping

22 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 690 MB

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