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Vivian's Sleepy Wish


After a harrowing blind date, the lovely Vivian comes home…dead tired but unable to sleep.  She finds her roommate Jacquelyn’s stash of chloroform and decides to give herself a dose.  After soaking a cloth with the sleepy drug she puts herself out on the living room couch, only to have Jacquelyn’s boyfriend (SK) show up and discover her sleeping form.  He quickly figures out what she’s done and panics, getting her to wake up ever so slightly.  She starts to beg him to put her to sleep, which he considers for a few seconds before deciding to do her the favor.  Thus begins a night of repeated chloroform knockouts and the changing patterns of a man’s mind.  SK starts to have fun with his kindness, stripping Vivian down to make her more comfortable, and testing his own limits by carrying her over his shoulder and in a standard cradle (a man has to get his cardio somewhere, after all).  After a long bout of amusement, SK does as he was asked, knocking Vivian out one last time with an extended chloroform application, and wrapping her in a comfortable blanket as she proceeds to sleep the rest of the night away…

This movie contains self chloroform KO, multiple chloroform KOs, eye checks, over the shoulder carry, cradle carry, limp limb manipulation

26 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 830 MB

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