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Breaking The Boss Bitch


Starring Sahrye and James Barbatus

The bossy and beautiful Enchantress Sahrye is about to find out exactly why it’s best to treat your employees with respect. After chewing out contractor James Barbatus on the phone, she quickly finds out that he’s a lot more competent than she initially thought. As gas begins to leak into her apartment, she struggles in vain to stay awake. No matter how tough she may be, though, she’s no match for aerosolized sleepy powder. Within seconds, she’s down for the count.

James is sure he’s about to teach this bitch a lesson. Surely, he imagines, she’s going to give him the respect he deserves now. No matter how hard he tries, though…and no matter how many times he puts Boss Sahrye to sleep…he can’t do anything about her foul mouth and her lack of respect.

In the end, he carries her off to some malign purpose…will he let her go once he feels like she’s properly cowed?

This movie contains sleeping gas KO, chloro KO, neck pinch KO, bear hug KOs, sleeper hold KO, rag dolling, limp play, cradle carries


  • 11 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 2.97 GB

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