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Ninja, Please!


The lovely Tara Bush and her sleepy ninja boyfriend are partners in crime. Tara decides to come home and finish up a training session they never got to finish. Her sleepy ninja boyfriend refuses since he's taking his nap, but Tara is persistent. Her boyfriend toys with Tara and gives her a training lesson she'll never forget! They engage in an intense grappling session with various sleeper holds that keeps getting her knocked in and out of consciousness. Tara decides to play the hard way, and gets some rope to restrain him, but after a failed attempt she is knocked out again and thrown into an upside down OTS carry! After sleepy ninja boyfriend has some stripping and foot fun with her on the bed, they go at it again, but it's obvious Tara has much to learn about fighting, and she's KO'ed with a karate neck chop. The way she falls off the bed after that move is great!
I want to note that this movie is unscripted, I just let Tara and Ninja Jon go at it with long takes of their fight scenes!
20 minutes runtime

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