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Unboxed And Unmatched


Starring Sumiko and Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn has just about had it with her boxing coach. Time and again, he has brought her into the gym...not to train her, but with the sole purpose of using his superior training to bash her unconscious and perv all over her limp body. This time, she’ll show him! She has backup from another gym, and Sumiko is no pushover!

Unfortunately for both girls, their paltry 6 months in gloves is just no challenge for a 4 time Golden Glove superstar. As soon as the girls try to lay into the Coach, he unleashes a brutal bare knuckle beatdown on them both. Round after round of merciless strikes punch the girls’

 cards, and there’s no such thing as “Saved By the Bell” in Coach Handsy’s ring. 

As the girls repeatedly try to beat the count and get back into position, Coach Handsy returns them to the cold comfort of the canvas. Once they’re face down, they’re his to do with as he wishes. 

If the girls were smarter, they’d have thrown in the towel before ever parting the ropes. Too late for regrets, though. Now it’s time for a nap.

This movie contains multiple punch out KOs, body piles, over the top reactions with tongue out, twitching, drooling, groping


  • 30 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 2.37 GB

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