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High And Dry


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sumiko, and Ashley Wildcat

There’s a knock at Jacquelyn’s door. Sumiko’s there to prep for Miss Velvets’ yearly Halloween party. The door is unlocked so Sumiko walks in. The place is eerily empty…until Jacquelyn suddenly materializes behind her mortal “friend”. Sumiko spins around, yelping in fear as Miss Velvets grabs her by the throat and begins to lift her into the air. Sumiko gasps and pleads, her legs kicking wildly, as Velvets’ reveals her true vampiric form. Another lovely party-goer (Ashley Wildcat) enters and runs to save Sumiko…only to get caught by Miss Velvets’ free hand. The two ladies are lifted into the air, side by side, choking and gasping as Miss Velvets smiles and licks her fangs. The two human females slowly succumb to the vampire’s grip, slipping into unconsciousness before being lowered to the floor. 

Miss Velvets decides to play with her prey a bit more, waking both girls up and slamming Sumiko’s head into the wall, knocking her out cold. She plays with Ashley Wildcat for a while, showing her strength, all while Sumiko awakens and makes a break for it. Jacquelyn’s already sent Ashley to dreamland and notices, blocking Sumiko’s exit and suddenly appearing behind her. The show of strength begins anew, with Miss Velvets throat-lifting her victims and eventually putting them to sleep. She lets them drop to the hard wood floor and begins her final ritual. Before they can react, Vampiress Velvets has locked onto their soft necks with her fangs, draining them into oblivion as this yearly Halloween Bash draws to an early close…

This movie contains throat lift KOs, double throat lift KO, head slam KO, vampire bite KOs, emphasis on throat lifts, limp limb manipulation

19 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 596 MB

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