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The Asset Is Down


Starring Heather West and Jacquelyn Velvets

We fade in on Heather West introducing Jacquelyn velvets to a new virtual reality training program…one that would put Miss Velvets in charge of West (aka: the agency’s “asset”). Velvets agrees to the trial, and Heather immediately prepares her with a drug-filled needle…sending her beautiful co-worker into a deep sleep. Miss West can’t help herself, planting a few kisses on Velvets’ still lips, as we fade to black… What follows is a series of scenes where Velvets’ attempts to protect Heather are thwarted with a variety of tactics from an unseen assassin. Strangulation, poisoning, laced darts, sniper kills…it’s all here, with the saddened Velvets reporting her failure at the conclusion of every scene. After watching the woman she was hired to protect perish repeatedly, the veil is miraculously lifted and Velvets awakens to a disappointed Heather. In spite of her profound apologies, Agent West re-drugs Velvets, this time deciding to take out her frustrations on her lackluster employee by keeping her for herself…for a night.
...Or maybe more?

This movie contains injection KOs, simulated "death scenes" with eyes closed, single bullet "deaths", chloroform KO, strangulation "death", dart gun "death", dart gun KO, lipstick poisoning, hand smother KOs, sleepy kissing, POV, pulse checks, mouth play, limp limb manipulation

39 minutes run time WITH OUTTAKES
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 798 MB

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