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Starring Misty Lovelace, Sumiko and Sleeperkid

We fade in on the lovely Sumiko as she makes her way into her friend Misty’s house, intent on taking her out for a girl’s night on the town.  What she finds is her seemingly unconscious bestie, motionless and face down on the couch.  As Sumiko playfully ragdolls her, the camera catches a blank stare on Misty’s motionless face…one Sumiko doesn’t notice until a lengthy limp-play session.  She even mistakes the cord around Misty’s neck as part of her outfit as she tosses her body to and fro.  Frustrated, Sumiko explores the house, only to run into Misty’s creepy boyfriend (played creepily by SK), who startles her so badly she makes a run for the door.  SK slams Sumiko’s skull into the hard wood, however, knocking her out cold.  He drags and then carries Sumiko over to Misty’s lifeless body and leaves proceeds to have some rag doll fun of his own, mostly playing with Sumiko’s limp legs before he leaves the scene.  Sumiko comes to and tries to get Misty out of the house, only to make the terrifying discovery us viewers put together quite some time ago!  Sumiko tries to drag Misty’s body out of the living room only to be attacked and choked out by SK, who holds on to the choke so long that Sumiko’s eyes glaze over as her body goes still.  SK gently closes her eyes, annoyed by his new predicament.  With two bodies to dispose of, SK goes to work, carrying the girls to the living room, toying with them dragging them to the bedroom, and eventually carrying/piling them up on the bed.  After a few more minutes of limp play, he decides to roll both ladies up into a blanket and wrap them up…dragging them out of the house as the screen goes black!!

This movie contains emphasis on rag dolling, emphasis on limb limb manipulation, head slam KO, choke out death, death stares, one legged dragging, body pile dragging, over the shoulder carries, body piles


41 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 2.48 GB

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