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Knockout The Night


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Kayla Lael, Merry Meow,
Elsa Ives & Lucy Purr

We fade in on Kayla Lael, Lucy Purr, Merry Meow, Elsa Ives, and Jacquelyn Velvets as they revel in a healthy sci-fi debate. You know. The kind of thing most girls do during a slumber party.  The topic grows stale, however, and the girls decide to play a classic sleepy/knockout game…one that starts
with a sudden pillow fight that results in five unconscious ladies!  We watch as one lovely female awakens and whips out a bottle of sleepy gas…leading to a fortunate series of events that continuously result in a pile of sleeping beauties!  This one has it all, folks: comedy, body piles, a wide variety of knockout techniques, sneak attacks, hilarious twists of fate, and a finale that involves a barrage of KOs with 4 girls vs the one and only Sleepy Queen (Velvets is thy name) and a sudden 4 girl KO climax that will leave fans craving a sequel!

This movie contains pillow fight KOs, multiple sleepy spray KOs, multiple black jack KOs, head slam KO, double neck chop KO, shoe hit KO, shoe smell KO, gas mask KO, crossed eyes KOs, body piles

24 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 798 MB

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