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A Cradled Dream


Starring Eden and Sleeperkid

The stunning Eden is on the phone with a friend, telling her about a series of strange dreams that seem to star a handsome (it’s my husband so I can write that) stranger who repeatedly knocks her unconscious and carries her away.  As she discusses this new series of night-time nuisances, we see them brought to life on screen.  SK dispatches Eden with a sleeper hold and a nerve pinch, then carries her inside for some more fun.

Another knockout and a lengthy cradle carry ensue, as well as some ragdolling on the couch.  We eventually fade back to Eden on the phone, wondering if she’s going insane.  Her tormentor appears for a final sleeper hold KO but suddenly realizes (after getting a good look at Eden’s face) that he’s been targeting the wrong woman for DAYS.  After noticing how beautiful she is, however, SK decides to carry her off anyway…capping off one hell of a week.

This movie contains sleeper hold KOs, neck pinch KO, hand smother KO, nerve pinch KO, multiple cradle carries, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation


13 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.44 GB

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