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Immerse Yourself: with Super Megan


You send out a fake distress call, prompting Super-Megan to show up in your backyard. You watch her speed around the area, looking for whatever citizen needs saving that day. She finally finds you hiding in a shed and instantly recognizes you. She knows of your evil...and the things you've done to OTHER heroines. As she goes for the attack, you brandish a clear green rock that immediately saps her strength. You take the rest of her consciousness away with multiple belly blows, until a final one sends her to Super-Dreamland. She awakens, drained of all power, her wrists and ankles  you prepare to spend the night toying with your new captive. You have quite a repertoire to unleash on the beautiful Super-Megan, including chloroform, your patented neck chop finisher, a krypto-choke out, and so much more.  
It's gonna be a LONG that neither you or Megan will EVER forget!

This movie contains belly punching, belly stabbing KOs, neck chop KO, choke out KO, chloroform KOs, eye check, limp limb manipulation, bondage

14 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 432 MB

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