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Agent Ragdoll Part 2


Starring Avery, Jacquelyn Velvets, and Sleeperkid.
In this EPIC sequel, we fade in on Agent Velvets discussing the details of a "trap" designed to snare the man who assumed he killed her in AGENT RAGDOLL. Her audience is none other than Avery, a young woman who also managed to escape him...and the memories of her ordeal seem to haunt her as she nervously agrees to Velvets' plan. Avery's anxiety gets the best of her and she starts to change her mind. Velvets calms her down, convincing her to get some rest as she escorts her to the bed room. Their prey (Sleeperkid) suddenly appears, however, armed with a bag of tricks and an effective knockout drug he pours into Velvets' drink. He hides as Jacquelyn consumes the tainted beverage, swooning seconds thereafter and falling into a deep sleep on the couch.

The criminal makes his way into the bedroom, startling Avery and causing her to pass out in a dead faint. He smiles, looking forward to the long night ahead. He proceeds to play with her sleeping limbs, rag dolling her and preparing his many trademark KO methods, each one designed to go into effect every time poor Avery comes to. Avery’s attempts to escape, while commendable, are ultimately fruitless. At one point the poor girl trips and connects head-first with the door she was reaching for, putting herself out and making her stalker’s job all the more easy. He continues to play with her sleeping body, stripping her down and performing a steady stream of effective knockouts, drags, and multiple carries throughout the house. Satisfied, the maniac injects Avery with a death-simulation serum and waits for Velvets to come to. Jacquelyn discovers Avery and assumes the worse, performing CPR to revive her…until our antagonist sneaks in (taping everything with his camera phone) and explains that Avery is in a deep sleep state, one that WILL turn into death unless Agent Velvets applies a sedative he holds in his hand.

Velvets demands to have it, but the stalker makes a counter-offer. Velvets is to convincingly worship Avery’s sleeping body, massaging her skin, feet, and planting soft kisses on her neck and lips. Velvets does her best, giving a sensual and sexy performance, nearly losing herself in Avery’s skin. The psycho seems satisfied and tosses Velvets the life-saving syringe…but not before telling her that the sexy footage he just captured will be making her its way to her superiors, thus leading to the END of her illustrious career. A furious Velvets manages to control her sudden rage, channeling it into saving Avery’s life with the antidote. Avery comes to, and both ladies make a break for the bedroom door…when a sudden mist fills the air. The ladies’ eyes start to roll as the gas takes effect, sending them crumpling to the ground in a final body pile.

Was this gas merely meant to leave our heroines’ sleeping? Or has the escaped trickster committed his most brutal crime to date?

The one thing we can all be certain of is that “HE” is still out there…somewhere…and ready to strike!

This movie contains drugged drink KO, fainting KO, chloroform KOs, blackjack KO, neck pinch KO, sleeper hold KO, dust mask with dropper KO, injection KO, gas mask KO, cat and mouse games, eye checks, cradle carries, fireman's carry, OTS carry, draggings, sleepy kissing, limp limb manipulation, EMPHASIS on rag dolling

49 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.5 GB

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