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Sleepy Power Play


Starring Baunfire and Remi

We fade in on Baunfire mesmerized by her television screen, witnessing a girl getting knocked out and realizing that it just might be something she’d be into trying. Unfortunately, it’s a girl’s night out and Remi starts getting on her case about getting ready. Baunfire attempts to explain her fascination to her roommate, but Remi could barely care. After getting her to watch the knockout on TV, Baunfire decides to test out the nerve pinch she saw moments earlier. Much to her surprise and delight, the move works and knocks Remi out! Baunfire is blushing from the excitement as she jumps into her new passion, rag dolling Remi and carrying her around until the petite redhead comes to. Baunfire sends her off to Dreamland again with a neck chop that expertly finds its mark, leading to a sleeping Remi being cradle carried by the 6’1 Baunfire. The Amazonian beauty continues to relive the experience of seeing her sexy roommate wake up, only to knock her back out again. She rag dolls her lovingly, and carries her limp body around their home as she decides that this is WAY better than going to a club on a Saturday night!

In the end, Remi listens groggily as Baunfire tells her how sexy this new fetish is to her…and how she wants to keep playing as the evening turns into a late night. Remi resists but a final hand smother quiets her down and sends her to La La Land…

“Isn’t getting knocked out better than GOING out?” the smiling Baunfire we fade to black.

This movie contains neck pinch KO, neck chop KO, sleeper hold KO, hand smother KO, OTS carries, cradle carry, limp limb manipulation, rag dolling

25 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 832 MB

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