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Bikini Angels


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Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Alisa Kiss, Gia Primo, and Baunfire.

We fade in on the lovely Bikini Angels anxiously waiting for a new mission to break up the monotony of their day! Soon enough, The Boss calls and informs them that the vicious rogue agent Baunfire has suddenly signed up with a rival company. Their mission? To track Baunfire down and take her out for the good of the Agency! The squad agrees to take on the mission, but a sudden POV three way punch out leaves them stunned and suddenly unconscious on their bed! We pan up to see Baunfire, dressed head to toe and black…and making a pre-emptive strike on her would be assassins! She decides to have a little fun and hide, leaving each Bikini Angel to come to and suffer the effects of a brutal karate chop to the neck at the end of the hall! Soon enough, all three Angels are lined up, derrieres in the air on their sofa, as Baunfire runs off giggling. The trio awaken slowly, agreeing to work together this time, but Baunfire stealthily delivers a triple head bonk that leaves the Angels in a body pile on the floor.

The overconfident Baunfire makes her way back to the bed room, where she calls “The Boss” back and proceeds to taunt him, telling him about her own plans to take out the Angels…until a beautiful set of 6 legs suddenly make their way on screen, standing their ground and showing their fists! The Angels are BACK…and Baunfire is MORE than tickled at the idea of an actual challenge! She stands up, preparing for a simple case of one powerful badasss tearing down a trio of weaklings, but a sudden set of blocked punches and a kick to the gut from Agent Velvets sets her straight. Agents Gia and Alisa send several knee strikes to Baunfire’s abs, and Velvets finishes her off with a powerful uppercut punch KO! Baunfire is out cold…and it turns out that these angels have reached their ranks for a REASON. The dazed and shocked Baunfire is brought back to consciousness, only to suffer two back to back karate chop KOs courtesy of Agents Gia and Alisa. KO’ed again and again, Baunfire awakens one last time, agreeing to say “nighty night” to a sudden right scross to the jaw from Velvets…one that spins her around, out cold on her feet…destined to collapse across Agent Gia Primo, who hoists her up in a perfect over the shoulder carry (!!!). The ladies smile and congratulate each other, confident as they walk their prey out to Headquarters. In a world of darkness and evil, it feels good to see a day won by Angels!

This movie contains punch out KOs, neck chop KOs, 3 girl head butt KOs, g/g over the shoulder carries, body piles, butt slaps, limp limb manipulation

14 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 438 MB

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