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Poolside Envy


Starring Antoinette Soto, Jacquelyn Velvets, and Sleeperkid. During one beautiful afternoon in Arizona, Jacquelyn and Antoinette soak up the sun while they chit chat about the pool party tonight. Suddenly Antoinette spitefully changes topics and begins to brag about her amazing evening with Jim: a guy that Jacquelyn has been lusting after for weeks! A furious Jacquelyn excuses herself calmly as she breaks out a rag and chloroform that will shut Antoinette up and keep her from stealing Jacquelyn's man. After she has her way with her, she realizes company will be showing up soon and needs to call in the cleanup crew to take out Antoinette's sleeping form. But while Jacquelyn makes the phone call, Antoinette has already awoken, and she's mad as hell that Jacquelyn knocked her out! Anoinette shows off her strengths against Jacquelyn in a game of cat and mouse around the yard, but soon it will all be over for the both of them once SK arrives.

This movie contains teasing chloroform KOs, chloroform KOs, over the shoulder carries, eye checks, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation, foot fondling

21 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 662 MB

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