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The Sleepy Specialist


Starring Vanessa Harding and (making her debut!) Jewell Marceau! This saucy sleepy tale starts off with the lovely Jewell Marceau leading hired Sleepy Specialist (Vanessa Harding) into the living room. They sit down together on the couch, as the Sleepy Specialist begins her session and we learn about Jewell's sleepy fantasies of being knocked out, undressed, and carried. As a starter, some chloroform is doused into a rag, and although initially when the cloth is pressed against Jewell's face she winces, but then slowly breathes in and allows herself to surrender into a deep sleep.

Upon awakening however, Jewell's tune changes, and suddenly wants to back out of her sleepy session. The Sleepy Specialist won't take no for an answer, however, and insists on doing the job she was hired for whether Jewell wants it or not. What follows is a series of KO's handed out via The Specialist's bag of tricks, along with plenty of sensual limb/face play and a variety of carries! When the session's time is up, instead of tucking Jewell into bed, she is tricked further into unconsciousness as Vanessa gives her one final KO before throwing her over her shoulder to add this sleeping beauty to the collection that proves how Miss Harding got the title of "Sleepy Specialist"!   

This movie contains consensual chloroform, chloroform KO, sleepy gas KO, dust mask w/dropper KO, gas mask KO, sleepy spray KO, smelling salt wake up, over the shoulder carries, cradle carries, butt slaps, limp wrist/limb manipulation

22 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 702 MB

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