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The Love Who Spied Me Part 3


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sinn Sage, Lucy Purr, and Drake ManO’War

We fade in on agents Jacquelyn Velvets and Sinn Sage, snuggling and kissing in bed as Velvets surprises her with a gift: she’s hired a beautiful massage therapist to work on her after a long day. Sinn is beside herself with glee as we fade into the therapist (Lucy Purr) getting Sinn ready for a relaxing session. Little do the agents know, however, but Lucy herself is a rival agent tasked with finding vital information stashed in their home. Lucy uses a special massage and scent oil as well as some well placed chopsticks on vital nerve clusters to repeatedly knock Sinn out during the massage, but she can’t find the target flash drive. She finally uses a drugged syringe to put agent Sinn out for a few hours, but Jacquelyn interrupts the session. Lucy offers a small neck massage and uses the special sleepy oil to knock Jacquelyn out cold. Convinced that the flash-drive she’s looking for isn’t in the room, Lucy leaves and searches the rest of the house. A while later the agents come to and figure the situation out. They suit up and we cut to agents Sage and Velvets squaring off against Lucy. The ladies are clad in skin-tight black cat suits as they battle, but Agent Purr is way too fast for them. Within seconds she knocks both girls out, but a sudden twist leads to a double KO between Lucy and Sinn that leaves three ladies unconscious on the ground. A mysterious male known only as “Drake” makes his way in, and it’s soon obvious that he’s Lucy’s boss...and that he’s found the flash drive while Lucy kept the agents busy. Sinn and Jacquelyn awaken but Drake quickly puts them out with back to back sleeper holds, only to carry all three ladies off over his shoulder: Lucy destined to go back to base, and agents Velvets and Sage headed for a dark cell in an underground bunker.

Will the love-crossed agents live to fight another day?

Only time will tell…

This movie contains sleepy massage oil KOs, pressure point KO, injection KO, sleeper hold KOs, punch KO, neck chop KO, kick KO, neck pinch/sleeper hold combo KO, over the shoulder carries, butt slaps, sleepy kissing


29 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.55 GIG


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