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Very Merry Knockout Part 7


Starring Elsa Ives, Merry Meow, Bambi Buttons, Miriya, Lucy Purr, Saya Savage, Jacquelyn Velvets, Serena Voxx, and Photognome as Santa!

Her name is Ice Mistress (Elsa Ives), and she's getting ready to put the finish touches on her family's Christmas tree.  She blows an icy kiss towards its branches, causing it to light up with pale shades of white and blue. She smiles, happy with herself...until an enraged Heat Mistress (Merry Meow) enters and starts picking apart her icy creation.  The sisters' argument turns ugly, with Elsa delivering a brain freeze that knocks Merry out "cold".  Merry quickly recovers, however, returning the favor with a Heat Wave blast that causes a stunned Elsa to faint.  The two recover and the argument over what the perfect CHRISTMAS tree should look like continues. Right after the "C" word rings through the halls, one of Santa's lovely elves appears and begins delivering a speech about the true meaning of Christmas. The sisters are stunned, then annoyed, and a set of devious grins suddenly crawl over their beautiful features.  They lock eyes and nod, using teamwork to knock this little elf unconscious!

The sisters review their work, then devise a cruel and entertaining plan:  by using the word "Christmas" as bait, they proceed to call forth a small platoon of sexy elves, using good old fashioned teamwork to render them all unconscious! The knockouts are as varied as they are festive, leading to quite the pile on the ground.  It's only then that these two formerly fighting sisters discover unity and love through a mutual distaste for the sleeping elves, creating a somewhat ironic yet heartfelt Christmas memory!  The ladies' smiles are quickly cut off by a pair of hands holding Christmas bows...both used to smother the cold and hot siblings out! The body pile grows as we see SANTA CLAUS standing by the chaos.  Angered and annoyed, Santa proceeds to wake the sisters up, only to knock them both out by the sofa!  He then proceeds to awaken his helpers and administer his now legendary form of "punishment": i.e. a vengeful paddling to the derriere, followed by a quick candy cane KO blow to the noggin'!  Santa creates an amazing row of sleeping elves and scheming sisters, all doubled over across the sofa as he grins, satisfied that justice has been served.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!!

This movie contains icicle nerve KO, heat faint KOs, lollipop head bonk KO, candy cane choke KO, jingle bell KO, garland choke KO, freezing/melting kiss KOs, bow smother KOs, candy cane head bonk KOs, spanking, body piles

27 minutes run time PLUS OUTTAKES!
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 914 MB

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