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Steady As She Goes


Starring Serena and Jacquelyn Velvets. Based off a custom script, Serena sneak attacks Jacquelyn in her own home with a blackjack that sends Jacquelyn's food flying right out of her mouth! Serena seals the deal by mashing Jacquelyn's head into the table before dragging her off to say goodnight with a high kick that sends Jacquelyn right over the couch and out of her shoes! Now that her point has been made, Serena arrogantly goes about her business: to steal back what is rightfully hers...if she can find it! What unfolds after is a rivalry that is both pleasurable and painful to watch as Jacquelyn unleashes vengeance on Serena by giving her what she rightfully deserves: a good nights sleep the hard way!

This movie contains blackjack KO, head slam woozy, belly punching, high kick KO, door slam KO, frying pan woozy, knee strike KO, uppercut punch KO, choreographed fight scenes, dragging, over the shoulder carry, limp limb manipulation, rag dolling

12 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 393 MB

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