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Clone Wars: Kills VS KOs


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Heather West. Based off a custom script: We fade in on rival agents Heather West and Jacquelyn Velvets being told of a new dual mission/test that will help management decide who remains an employee and who gets "terminated". Their mission? To hunt down clones of their rivals in two similarly built/decorated lairs. Thus begins an intense series of clone kills/takedowns, and we quickly figure out that Velvets' tactics are as gentle (knockouts and rag dolling) as West's are lethal (everything from neck snaps to silenced gunshots). Each clone is decked out in different attire, and each one meets their end (both permanent and temporary) at the hands of West and Velvets. Only ONE lady will make the cut, however, and when West realizes how dire the situation is, she decides to take Jacquelyn out during the post battle interview.

Velvets is more than ready for Heather's attack, however, using a nerve claw and hypnosis technique to turn Agent West into her new secretary/assistant...saving the Agency a bullet in the process!

This movie contains neck snap kill, stabbing kill, silencer shot kills, chloroform KO, neck chop KO, sleeper hold KO, sleepy spray KO, hypnosis sleep command KO, pulse checks, eye checks, limp limb manipulation, hand over mouth

19 minutes run time WITH OUTTAKES
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 607 MB

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