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Shotty Business


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Keri Spectrum, and Laci Star.
We fade in on a POV shot of Agent Velvets’ boss giving her yet ANOTHER clone assignment, and although she seems weary at first, the promise of getting to take out different versions of Agents Keri and Laci Star gives her the drive needed to grab her trusted MP7 and go to work! What follows is what you’ve all grown to love from this amazing series. We’ve got the beautiful Velvets stalking through a clone production lair, taking out each pair of lovely ladies with multiple machine gun bursts. The situations range from murderous to downright hilarious, as Velvets toys with her prey seconds before riddling them with her weapon…and taking the time to add second bursts of gunfire to their twitching bodies.
No twist ending here, just one awesome clip featuring Velvets, Keri Spectrum, Laci Star, and a thousand co-starring bullets!

This movie contains machine gun deaths, wall slides, body piles, body riddling, overkill shots

There are NO blood scenes or special effects just sexy girls dying over and over in various ways!

**This movie features my gas-powered machine gun props that provide realistic recoil and occasional "smoke puff" effects!!**

9 minutes run time WITH OUTTAKES
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 274 MB

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