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Dr. Quinzel And Nurse Narco


Starring Megan Jones and Jacquelyn Velvets

Dr. Harleen Quinzel can’t sleep, and it’s really getting to her! Maybe it’s just having to listen to all the dark secrets oozing out of Gotham’s most dangerous minds, but she just hasn’t been able to relax. Luckily, Arkham has a special concierge nursing service as part of her generous benefits package! When Nurse Narco arrives to discuss possible treatment options, Dr. Quinzel is more than happy to try anything in pursuit of some rest. 

Unfortunately, Nurse Narco is more than just a qualified healthcare professional. She’s also a dedicated villainess in training, and all she’s ever wanted is a few minutes alone with Harley Quinn to demonstrate her nefarious capabilities. 

But Harley is no push over, and she’s always vigilant against potential threats. She keeps her house littered with dangerous booby traps, each loaded up with enough sleepy agent to put just about anyone down for the count. 

What will happen when these two girls go at it? And how will Mr. J respond when he finds TWO lethargic ladies lounging around his house?

This video includes chloroform KO, drugged drink KO, chloroform fumes KO, tranquilizer dart KO, dust KO, foot smother KO, sleeping gas KO, bondage, body piles, limp limb manipulation 


  • 23 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 1.88 GB

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