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Staying In & Going Out: with Cadence Lux


Starring (and introducing!) Cadence Lux and Sleeperkid

Filmed during Fetishcon 2015! Another day, another Velvets’ audition (we have SO many lovely models!)…only this time it’s being filmed at FetishCon and the new comer is none other than Cadence Lux, whose adult work some of you may be familiar with, but who’s also been wanting to make her way into the land of all things sleepy…and what better way to do than by showing up at Jacquelyn Velvets’ door step??

Once again, SK moderates the audition, tricking Cadence into thinking the KOs involved will be fake…as Miss Velvets watches live in another room!   A chloroform demonstration leads to Cadence falling asleep in SK’s grip, only to wake up and face the question each model has to contemplate.   Does she wish to leave the room or continue with the real KOs in order to acquire a massive signing bonus AND a permanent place within Jacquelyn’s stellar roster?  

The answer is an obvious yes, with Cadence’s eyes lighting up at the idea of becoming a regular at VF.  Sleeperkid smiles as he continues the onslaught, knocking the petite and adorable blonde out over and over, with some strip downs and carries thrown in for flavor.  A final drugged mask contest seals the deal, and Cadence happily accepts the contract…only to be asked to knock herself out with a dosed chloroform rag as a show of loyalty to Miss Velvets!

She does, and fades away in SK’s arms, who decides to be a gentleman and over the shoulder carry her to the nearest elevator.  

PS: The reactions from those in said elevator is 100% real, hilarious, and unscripted!!!

This movie contains chloroform KO, neck chop KO, sleepy spray KOs, neck pinch KO, dust mask with chloro spray KO, over the shoulder carries, cradle carries, fireman's carry, limp limb manipulation

24 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 793 MB

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