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The Hidden Agenda


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Serena, and Sumiko. Based off a custom script, Sumiko plays a girl who is versed in witchcraft that plans to steal a valuable ancient medallion that when the pieces are combined, holds the power to subdue victims in a deep state of unconsciousness that leaves them powerless to resist any command. Sumiko enters the house of Jacquelyn Velvets, and they discuss plans for website merge over a cigarette that Sumiko offers. After she inhales the smoke, Jacquelyn finds herself asleep and at Sumiko's mercy. Sumiko acts fast and looks for the amulet searching high, low, and underneath with no avail. When Jacquelyn awakens, she makes sure to take Sumiko out for good, but even while KO'ed and carried, Sumiko awakens and begins a chant that quickly sends Jacquelyn to the floor unconscious. She goes back to her search and finally finds it hidden in a drawer. After testing the amulet on Jacquelyn, she has her next prey in line: the co-worker who also gets a taste of the knockout cigarette and receives the same fate as Jacquelyn, but does not go down so easily. Unfortunately for Serena, she is determined and finds her prize. After making a mockery of Serena, she proceeds to rub it in by making both girls follow any ridiculous command she has to offer. Seems like this witch has gotten her way....for now.

This movie contains cigarette smoking KOs, double neck chop KO, headbutt KO, nose pinch KO, hypnosis, sleep command KOs, hypnosis puppetry, punch out KOs, eye checks, draggings, over the shoulder carries, fireman's carries, limp limb manipulation

32 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 970 MB

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