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Very Merry Knockout Part 10


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Kat Van Wylder, Hannah Perez, Sumiko, Eden, Sparrow Summers, and Tiny as Krampus!

It’s time, once again, for Velvets’ Always Astounding Holiday Special!!! This TENTH installment pushes raises the bar as we fade in to a lovely Christmas tree suddenly inspected by Santa’s evil counterpart KRAMPUS (played perfectly by Tiny!), finally making his way to the home of the devious kid who’d knocked out a slew of elves back in a Very Merry Knockout Part 3 several years before! He aims to make mincemeat of the tree, moving in to take a massive bite…only to get stopped by a sexy elf looking to dissuade his destruction. Krampus is as devious as he is powerful, and his patience soon wears thin. A sudden knockout and cradle carry takes care of the lovely elf, but as he moves to destroy the whole house (and neighborhood) MORE precious elves magically appear, leading to some hilarious banter, multiple knockouts, and a load of limp carries to a growing body pile! Krampus grows to enjoy this new game, seeing it as a way to stick it to Santa, so he continues the fun. He wakes the elves up and causes them to faint repeatedly, and forces them to undergo his sleepy magic, over the shoulder carries, and even some forced (and gleeful) butt spankings from the other elves! A final double magic KO leads to a beautiful dual over the shoulder carry, and a row of snoozing elves, posed side by side with their lovely derrieres pointing at the sky as the satisfied monster laughs maniacally and disappears!

This movie contains bell face hit KO, sleepy spray present KO, candy cane choke KO, lollipop slap KO, stocking smother KO, candy cane head bonk KO, multi-girl fainting KOs, magical sleep spell KOs, cradle carries, over the shoulder carries, double over the shoulder carry, body piles, rag dolling, spanking



34 minutes runtime with OUTTAKES
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.86 GB

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