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Tricked & Mistreated! Part 3


Starring CoCo,Eden and Sleeperkid


We fade in on the lovely Coco and Eden exchanging some spooky Halloween tales during a sleep-over, with Coco scaring Eden badly after telling her about the history of her house.  She describes an evil masked entity that kidnapped dozens of women many years before…an entity that returns for more victims as the girls get ready for bed.  A man wearing a skull mask (SK) enters and attacks Eden, chloroforming her in bed, only to do the same to Coco in the bathroom.  He carries the limp Latina over to her friend’s sleeping body and proceeds to dispense more KOs.  He uses a taser, a blackjack, and a double syringe attack as they attempt to escape, leaving them piled up in the hallway.  The two beautiful damsels wake up minutes later and wonder if it was all a dream…just as sleeping gas fills the room.  The girls moan, rolling their eyes as they go out yet again.  The specter carries them off, but removes his mask at the last second.  He reveals himself to be a frat-boy sent to the house to perform an intense hazing ritual on the two wannabe sorority sisters as he leaves the house…but a final pan to a closed door reveals the actual demon: waiting in the darkness all along.  

This movie contains chloroform KOs, taser KO, blackjack KO, syringe KOs, gas mask KOs, over the shoulder carries, body piles, limp limb manipulation



20 minutes run time 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.5 GIG

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