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That Was Low


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sumiko, Eden & Sleeperkid

We fade in on the evil duo of Eden and Sumiko destroying their newfound victim (played by Jacquelyn Velvets).  They take turns stomping her most sensitive parts before they put her out with a double low blow.  After carrying her off to their lair's bedroom, the proud girls greet their boss (SK), who checks on their quarry and quickly realizes his underlings have captured the wrong woman...and a civilian, no less!   The furious SK decides to discipline his employees, trapping them in a choke until they're out, thus sparking a heavy 1-vs-2 beat down that delivers tons of blows to the crotch, knockouts, carries, and a finale featuring a rarely seen set of body pile KO kicks to the crotch!  Satisfied that they've learned their lesson, SK performs a DOUBLE over the shoulder carry and takes his thugs away to sleep off a VERY painful lesson!

This movie contains multiple low blows, cunt busting, belly punching, face punching, sleeper hold KOs, neck pinch KO, double choke KO, neck chop KO, over the should carries, double over the shoulder carries, body pile


  • 21 minutes runtime 
  • Resolution - 720x1280
  • File Size - 1.63 GB

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