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Staying In And Going Out: with Sparrow & Cassie


Introducing two new girls: Sparrow Summers and Cassie Moxy! We fade in on Jacquelyn Velvets’ assistant (Sleeperkid) filming an audition tape for his boss. It seems that the next big Velvets production is in need of some fresh blood, and SK’s got his hands full figuring out whether to hire the blonde and bubbly Cassie Moxy…or the petite and sweet Sparrow Summers! What follows is a sudden game of bait and switch, as SK tells the ladies that they’ll only be participating in simulated knockouts, only to apply a healthy dose of actual chloroform during the first round! The ladies are a bit thrown off by this development, but both gals are DYING to be the hot new thing at Velvet’s Fantasies, so they go with it. Sleeperkid does his job, demonstrating tons of knockout and carry techniques on the two eager actresses, until he finally decides to pick Cassie as the new lead. Always one to add a twist or two, SK tells Cassie that she’ll be receiving a cash bonus…AND that Jacquelyn would be quite impressed with a few feats of loyalty. Not only does SK get Cassie to knock her rival out, he also ends the tape with an impressive self-chloroform KO from the excited winner!

This movie contains chloroform KOs, sleepy spray KOs, dust mask with sleepy spray KOs, self chloroform KO, over the shoulder carries, girl/girl over the shoulder carry, cradle carry, body piles, limp limb manipulation

30 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 961 MB

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