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Immerse Yourself with Harley Quinn


Starring Kayla Lael

Kayla stars as your beautiful blonde therapist: Doctor Harleen Quinzel. The scene opens with you at the beginning of a therapy session. She introduces herself, and explains her methods of unconventional therapy that she will be using in this session. Hypnosis, devices, and shock therapy are some that are mentioned, and you willingly agree despite this being your first time. 

Once the Doctor has debriefed you, she starts the session by asking, “Tell me how you feel today?” and with that, the session you’ve been waiting for has begun. You quickly whip out your can of sleeping gas, and spray her with a healthy dose that she attempts to resist it’s effects. After watching her babble, her eyes flutter and she softly passes out, allowing you to do some therapy of a different kind: indulging in your sleepy fetish with this young blonde beauty.

The Doctor wakes up however, and before you have the chance to knock her out again, she retaliates by hitting you across the face with her clipboard! Everything turns black, and when you awaken, the Doctor reveals her true form: HARLEY QUINN! Still feeling dizzy from the clipboard KO, Miss Quinn keeps you right where she wants you, on the floor, which she has her way with you by taunting you with punches, kicks, a black jack beating, all while strutting around you gleefully. 

Her arrogance is her downfall it would seem, and you seize the opportunity to take control of the situation and this bubbly harlot. You whip out a hidden vile of sleepy spray once she gets close enough, and what follows is a barrage of knockouts and rag dolling that end up with the feisty Harley surprising you in a way you never imagined. You’ll have to watch to find out! Kayla's performance as Harley is not to be missed!!

This movie contains sleepy gas KO, sleepy spray KO, POV punch outs, POV black jack, black jack KO, brick to the head KO, self chloroform KO, injection KO, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation, butt slaps, babbling, mouth play


24 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.8 GIG

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