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Immerse Yourself with: Lucy Purr Part 5


The lovely Lucy Purr is back for her 5th installment of the Immerse Yourself series! Lucy plays a hypnotherapist who the POV has sessions with to work through his stress issues. Little does she know that each time she hypnotizes him he’s dreaming about knocking her out and playing around with her as his form of stress relief…

As her hypnotherapist self in “reality”, she is kind, patient, and attentive with POV, asking him questions, taking notes, and making sure he is feeling ok throughout the sessions. She is even a little forward, flirting with him a little, holding his face/checking his eyes between sessions, etc… the kinds of things a therapist might do but with a little more innuendo/implication. 

In the therapy dreams, she is just Lucy, a normal woman who is basically just a figment of the POV’s imagination (what he imagines Lucy to be like). She is surprised to be in his dreams but very quickly succumbs to POV’s sleepy bag of tricks in both sessions. She’s also surprised to find that POV’s stress relief is his sleepy fetish, and initially she somewhat fights back, but she eventually gives into being repeatedly knocked out and played with over the course of each session (fulfilling the POV’s fantasy each time). 

Part 1 is the POV character dreaming in his first session, with Lucy in a more “normal” outfit. Part 2 is the POV character dreaming in his second session, with Lucy in a more exotic outfit with a bit more of a resistant attitude to his sleepy advances. 

When Lucy snaps back into reality after both sessions, she makes an assessment that the two of you have made a lot of progress and won’t need to see each other as often. You have other ideas, and decide to go for the real thing now, and plunge a syringe into Lucy’s neck. Seems that the real therapy session can now begin….

This movie contains drugged drink KO, chloroform bottle smell KO, sleepy spray KO, injection KOs, chloroform KO, exhaustion KO, punch out KO, belly punching, neck pinch KO, black jack KO, hand smother KOs, fondling, face/body/lip caressing, eye checks, groggy/dizzy acting (mumbling, moans, eye rolls, arms overhead (AOH), rag dolling, limp limb manipulation 


1 hour and 4 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 4.88 GB

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