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Rookie Remi


The lovely Remi plays an overconfident rookie spy who decides to investigate one of her agency’s toughest enemy assassins (SK), all while refusing the backup her boss offers her. Her mistake becomes plain as day, however, as SK catches her of guard with a drugged syringe. In just seconds the needle’s product puts her to sleep, and the hunter quickly becomes the hunted! Remi wakes up slowly, terrified as SK attacks with repeated KO tactics, until all that’s left is a rag doll version of her formerly stubborn self! The assassin enjoys manipulating her form, cradle carrying her around his lair and waiting for her to regain consciousness…only to remove it over and over, until a final bear hug and neck pinch seal our young agent’s fate!

This movie contains syringe KO, neck pinch KOs, neck chop KO, chloroform KO, bear hug KO, cradle carries, draggings, eye checks, face manipulation, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation

23 minutes run time PLUS ALTERNATE TAKES
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 731 MB

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