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Sucks To Be Luna


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Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Luna

We fade in on the lovely Luna, playing a grief-stricken girl in search of her missing friends. She makes her way to a quaint house in a picturesque neighborhood: AKA the last place they were ever seen alive. The house, belonging to Old Lady Smith, doesn’t seem to represent your standard elderly woman. There’s a new car in the driveway, and a pair of steely eyes watch Luna behind a set of blinds. She knocks on the front door and is greeted by Jacquelyn Velvets. Confused, Luna asks what happened to the owner. Velvets eerily reports that she died…and that she inherited the home. Luna is invited inside and it becomes obvious that this new owner isn’t quite…human. She moves faster than anyone Luna’s ever seen, and she seems older than she looks. MUCH older. Luna sits Velvets down and questions her about her missing friends…only to find herself falling into a hypnotic trance when Velvets removes her sunglasses.

Her eyes are those of a vampire’s, and Luna can’t stop gazing at them. She slowly falls under the bloodsucker’s control, and quickly becomes her brand new toy! Vampire Velvets delights in torturing the beautiful Luna, knocking her out repeatedly (once with a booby-trapped door handle), controlling her, manipulating her young body, and eventually making her BEG to be turned into a vampire. A final bite leaves Luna moaning in a mix of pain and ecstacy…as yet another girl goes missing, and another sexy vampire is added to Miss Velvets collection!!


This movie contains hypnosis KO, electrocution KO, freeze command, sleep command KO, punch out KOs, choking, wall head slam KO, bite KO, dragging, over the shoulder carry, sleepy kissing


17 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.3 GB

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Sucks To Be Luna

Sucks To Be Luna (7 Nov 2017, 07:31)
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