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Hose For Hire


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sumiko, Candle Boxxx, Remi, Heather West, and Serena Voxx. This sassy story begins with six lovely ladies as escorts preparing for the evening with a client. While they're primping in the mirror, the phone rings and it's the client saying that he has changed his mind, and now instead of hosting SIX, he now just wants the best ONE. Luckily for Jacquelyn, she answered the call, leaving the option up to her who gets the job. With the help of some ultra concentrated sleepy gas, she takes care of the girls with one shot, and confidently walks off to get her night started.

Jacquelyn's ploy to steal the job quickly backfires when Sumiko awakens, and one by one she takes care of the girls via neck chop, leaving them in a mess on top of one another. It isn't until Heather West catches Sumiko in the act, which ends up rendering them both unconscious with a double neck chop to top off the pretty pile. When the girls awaken from the sleepy heap, the stakes are raised, and they switch into competitive mode knowing that the last girl standing will be declared the wealthy winner.

What ensues after this point is an onslaught of one-on-one knockouts that end up with a stripped down victim in various humiliating poses, until finally all the girls but one (Jacquelyn) decide their friendship is stronger than money, and a group hug will make everything better. It does exactly that when Jacquelyn hits their embrace with a taser, and in the grand finale sends them off to Dreamland one by one, displaying that the winner of this was battle was indeed Jacquelyn all along.

This movie contains 5 girl sleepy gas KO, neck chop KOs, double neck chop KO, blackjack KO, door slam KO, wall head slam KO, frying pan KO, taser KOs, 5 girl taser KOs, body piles, over the shoulder carry, limp limb manipulation

34 minutes run time with OUTTAKES
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.02 GB

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