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The Doll Trap Part 2


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Saya, Becca,
and Sleeperkid as The Warlock

Picking up where THE DOLL TRAP left off, we watch as the lovely Becca receives several shots of Saya (in doll form) on her phone, courtesy of Miss Velvets! Becca rushes over to Velvets’ location to see what kind of trouble her best friend is in, only to find Velvets frozen in the living room! A confused Becca tries to wake Velvets up. Inadvertently changing her doll poses in the process. She hears something in the next room and finds Saya frozen as well. Saya’s lips open and start uttering a magical freeze chant that starts to affect Becca, but the strong-willed girl shakes it off.  When Saya comes to life and tries to grab her, Becca slams a fist into Saya’s face that knocks her out cold!

As she leaves the bed room, we see Jacquelyn’s mouth open and utter a similar chant. Becca starts to freeze in the hallway but manages to make it over to Jacquelyn in time to slam a fist into Jacquelyn’s jaw, knocking her out instantly. Becca tries to leave but the front door is locked. She tries the back door but the handle is set to electrocute anyone trying to escape! After a massive jolt, Becca staggers back, eyes rolling as she collapses to the ground, unconscious.  

We watch as the Warlock (played by SK) appears, laughing at his good fortune. He proceeds to carry Becca and Jacquelyn into the bedroom, where an epic power struggle takes place. Becca awakens and uses her powerful will to snap Saya and Jacquelyn out of the spell, even going so far as reversing it in a huge power blast that knocks them out and sets them free! After a failed escape attempt (due to a triple electrocution), the Warlock re-appears, trapping Becca in his freeze spell as he forces Saya and Jacquelyn to watch the spell take hold! Soon enough, all THREE ladies are in “doll state”, leaving the devious Warlock open to play his KO and freeze games. SK delights in manipulating with his collection, eventually leaving the ladies asleep and frozen as he plans for another addition to his ever growing crew of beautiful dolls!

This movie contains punch out KOs, electrocution KOs, magic bounce back KO, neck pinch KOs with freeze commands, sleep command KOs, freeze commands, invisible sleeping gas KOs, posing, cradle carries, body piles, rag dolling

33 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.07 GIG


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