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Immerse Yourself: with Dre Hazel


Making her debut, the lovely Dre Hazel makes her first stunning performance as a variety of clones that lead you to the original: which proves to be a thrilling sleepy challenge!

As you're reading this, Velvet’s Fantasies has already created a fantastic sub-genre that involves an agent and a lair jam-packed with evil clones that are just BEGGING to get taken out of the equation! In this case, however, YOU play the agent tasked with cleaning up a rival cloning base…one guarded by multiple copies of the lovely and lethal DRE HAZEL. We see the action from your perspective as you make your way around the perimeter, breaking into the back yard and relieving several clones of their duty in broad daylight.

We can feel the excitement pulsing through you as you toy with each sentry before rendering them unconscious. You make your way inside, cleaning house, leaving multiple sleeping bodies in your wake until you encounter the original Dre Hazel, and she’s no picnic! She fights back, nailing a body scissors and even nailing a decent punch in between sleepy spray KOs.

She awakens, defiant, but a final extended dose of chloroform finally puts her down for the count, leaving you to walk away with what we can only assume is a big grin on your face, confident in your skills and standing at the Agency, and no doubt looking forward to your next mission!

This movie contains neck chop KOs, sleepy spray KOs, chloroform KOs, sleepy gas mask KO, sleepy gas KOs, eye checks, limp limb manipulation

23 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 712 MB

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