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One Of You Knows Something


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Constance, Rose and introducing Paula Diamonds

In this EPIC multi-girl melee, only one lady can come out on top!

FBI Trainee Greasy Rose is supposed to meet with her contact, a mysterious character known only as “X”. But when she arrives at the agreed upon meeting site, it’s clear that she has been manipulated all along! The devious villain Jacquelyn Velvets emerges from nowhere with a tranq gun, and it’s lights out for Rose. Jacquelyn isn’t about to do the heavy work herself, though…that’s what she has James Barbatus for! Without no effort, James tosses Rose over his shoulder and loads her into the car. 

Unfortunately, good samaritan and innocent passer-by Paula Diamonds stumbles onto the scene next. Jacquelyn isn’t sure whether or not Paula is a part of this all, but she’s never been one to take chances. A few moments later, James has Paula over his shoulder too.

Finally, full Agent Constance responds to the mess, only to come face to face with Jacquelyn, and end up stuffed in the trunk of the car herself.

After a few moments of transport, Jacquelyn has James load the girls into her interrogation room…and all bets are off! Jacquelyn will get these girls to talk one way or another!

This movie contains tranq dart KOs,, chloroform KOs, bondage, head bonk KO, sleepy spray KOs, sleeper hold KO, spanking, OTS carries, public abduction 


  • 27 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 2.04 GB

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