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A Dreamy Trifecta


1.0 average, based on 1 reviews

Starring Sumiko and Sleeperkid

We fade in on the beautiful Sumiko on the phone, telling her friend about three different dreams she remembers with great clarity…each one involving an evil stranger, peril, and narrow escapes.   

Dream # 1: Sumiko meets a neighbor (SK) at a café and decides to get to know him.  She enters his home and admires it moments before he leaves the room.  She looks for him but a blackjack strike comes out of nowhere, knocking her out cold.  He drags her way and she comes to moments later.  He tricks her into drinking a drugged drink.  She goes out yet again and eventually re-awakens, groggy and confused.  She tries to leave but he slams her head against a nearby wall for yet another KO.  He over the shoulder carries her to the couch and removes her shoes and socks.  She comes to again but a neck chop fixes that.  She awakens in the strange man’s bed, still unsure of what’s happened.  Another blackjack strike claims her consciousness as the smiling man leaves to prepare the rest of the night.  Sumiko manages to come to, however, and chokes him out moments before making her escape…

Dream # 2: Sumiko comes home from work, taking off her boots and relaxing.  She steps in water and removes her socks, not noticing a masked man sneaking up behind her.  She screams and tries to run, slamming her head into the kitchen counter and knocking herself out.  The man says nothing, inspecting her limp limbs before cradle carrying her out of the room.   Sumiko awakens on a bed next to a man who also seems to be coming to from a recent knockout.  She decides to get them both out but the man attacks her with a sudden neck pinch KO!  He OTS carries her to the bed and inspects her limp body before leaving.  Sumiko comes to and tries to leave but a small needle breaks her skin as she goes for the doorknob.  The drug works quick and she comes to.  The man is back and she still sees him as a fellow captive.  He leaves and she follows, but a sudden punch to the jaw from the masked attacker knocks her out cold.  She comes to again and he goes for another attack but she strikes back, knocking him out with her own face punch!   Her fellow captive shows up behind her…amazed that she managed to take their kidnapper out.  Sumiko manages to make yet another escape as her story continues…

Dream # 3:  Sumiko is a thief sent to infiltrate a party in order to steal some valuable files for her employer.  The owner of the house sees her rifling through his personal belongings and pistol whips her.   She falls against him, limp and out cold.  Moments later she awakens, confused.  She removes her shoes in order to make a stealthy escape but he catches her from behind.  He slams her head into the door and she passes out over his shoulder.  Moments later she awakens again…tied up.  The man interrogates her but she’s defiant, so he puts her back out with a long and teasing chloroform attack.  She comes to moments later and manages to break free.  She continues to search for the files and finds them, but the owner of the house appears yet again.  A sudden neck nerve pinch sends the lovely thief back to Dreamland yet again.  Her final encounter with the strange man leads to him forcing her to sip from a drink designed to knock her out cold and erase her memory.  At gunpoint, she agrees to do so…and she soon falls into a deep sleep.  The man checks her limbs and leaves her there as we fade back to Sumiko, telling her friend about these strange and exciting dreams.  

She flexes her lovely bare foot into the camera, smiling as she finishes the phone call.

This movie contains blackjack KOs, drugged drink KOs, wall head slam KO, neck chop KO, nerve pinch KOs, doorknob syringe drug KO, punch out KO, pistol whip KO, chloroform KO, over the shoulder carries, cradle carries, dragging, feet emphasis


30 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.5 GB

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Velvets Fantasies-A Dreamy Trifecta

Velvets Fantasies-A Dreamy Trifecta (14 May 2018, 13:06)
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