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Interested in commissioning a Custom Video? 

When you have a custom made, YOU are the director. You control the cast, the costuming, and almost any detail that’s important to you. Some customers prefer a light touch; they give basic direction and trust the creative team at Velvets Fantasies to blow their minds. Others prefer a more hands-on approach, and are able to manage tiny details to ensure that their niche fantasies are brought to life. 

VelvetsFantasies now offers partially and fully nude customs and sexually explicit customs. There are some limitations on these videos, so please contact me directly for further information. Sexually explicit scenes vary in cost and availability based on a number of factors. Many of the actresses featured on this site are available for custom orders that can entail any type of fetish and concept.

Customs are priced based on these factors and their level of accessibility. Basic prices start at this range:

One Girl POV Style $200

Two Girl $$400

Three Girl $600

Four Girl $800

Toplessness may be added A La Carte (with the permission of all actresses portrayed) for an additional cost of $100 per actress.

VelvetsFantasies owns the rights to all content produced and may release your custom for sale on the site, but only after you have a copy of it first! This allows us to keep our rates reasonable, and allows your creative ideas to spread into the greater fetish community!

If you would prefer your custom video to be Exclusive, an added fee may be added to cover our production costs.

All videos are received as a downloadable high quality MP4 format. 

Various payment methods can be set up to suit your needs. To further discuss details about your custom order, please contact Jacquelyn Velvets directly at: