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Project EvE


Starring Ashley Graham and Jacquelyn Velvets. Based off a custom script, Jacquelyn is the head of research at the GeneX Industries: a highly successful research company that specializes in human DNA research, they are well funded and having become a established company due to the break through discovery of EvE they have had unparalleled success. However, that success has made them one of the most hated companies in the world, with many envious enemies who want EvE for themselves.

The story starts with Jacquelyn rushing into her house after being chased by a unknown cold and calculating woman played by Ashley. Jacquelyn frantically locks the door and hides in another room, but Ashley breaks in with ease and interrogates Jacquelyn by seizing her by the throat and lifting up her against the wall single-handedly. Ashley displays her strength for an extended amount of time before Jacquelyn reveals the item's location. When Ashley goes searching, Jacquelyn plans to take out Ashley once and for all, but it's Ashley that ends the life of Jacquelyn with a vicious throat lift choke.

With Jacquelyn out of the way, Ashley's attempt at finding the missing data fails, and without any other options she goes to leave. She senses something is amiss, and goes to check for Jacquelyn's dead body on the floor. All seems in order until Ashley turns to suddenly witness Jacquelyn's fist sending her stumbling to the ground. We then learn that the data Ashley is searching for *IS* Jacquelyn, and she is new EvE experiment that can not be destroyed so easily. She then finishes Ashley off a throat lift choke of her own, that sends Ashley into death throws as she helpless dangles in Jacquelyn's grasp.

This movie contains extended throat lift chokes scenes, dangling, throat lift choke deaths, death stares, over the shoulder carry

11 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 350 MB

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