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A Tinder Date Obsession


Starring Sumiko and Sarah Brooke

Our story begins with Sarah Brooke nervously looking at her phone. She can’t believe she met a beautiful new woman on tinder, who she’s certain is one of her favorite sleepy actresses: Sumiko. Soon thereafter, there’s a knock on the door, and sure enough standing before her is THE SUMIKO she’s fantasized about for years! But, she has to be 100% sure first. Sarah goes in the other room and makes Sumiko a “special” drink. Unbeknownst to Sumiko, she drinks a drugged drink that slowly works it’s way through her system before she passes out on the floor. When Sarah gets a closer look at the unconscious beauty, she exclaims: “It really is THE SUMIKO!!” and proceeds to live out her fantasies by knocking out, undressing, and carrying her to the bedroom.

Once Sarah leaves Sumiko on the bed alone however, Sumiko finally regains her wits about her and realizes it’s time for a taste of her own medicine. Sarah comes back with a bag full of knock out toys for Sumiko, only to have them used on her instead. Sumiko takes great pleasure in repeatedly knocking her lovely victim out over and over, and effortlessly carries her KO’ed date around, and gives her the same treatment in return.

In the end, Sarah wakes up hog tied on the bed, and Sumiko has a few more fun knock outs in store for her sleepy date. When she’s satisfied, and it looks like Sarah might be out for a while, Sumiko leaves and reminds herself to delete her tinder profile!

This movie contains drugged drink KO, chloroform KOs, sleepy spray KO, sleeper hold KO, gas mask KO, black jack KO, sleeping gas KO, taser KO, over the shoulder carries, bondage, sleepy kissing, rag dolling


34 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.5 GIG

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