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Rage Within The Machine 2


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Jinx, and (introducing!) Mayhem. Jacquelyn decides it's time to call a truce with long time rival Jinx, but not without showing her who's boss when she breaks out her latest creation, a menacing fem bot: Mayhem! With her remote, Jacquelyn controls Mayhem's every move, and putting the helpless Jinx through a gauntlet of ruthless knockouts, rag dolling, and carries.

Jinx tries to resist, but it does her no good against the powerful duo as Mayhem shows off her strength by a single handed throat lift knock out! Enjoying her new sleepy play thing, Jacquelyn proceeds to indulge in pressure point experimentation on Jinx: causing her to pass out, wake up, and even be frozen in place!

Just when Jacquelyn believes Jinx is good and ready, Jacquelyn eagerly tosses the fem bot remote aside and gets ready to play with her passed out princess. Her carelessness gets her into trouble when the remote crashes to the ground and sends Mayhem on a rampage where she MUST knock out and rag doll everyone she sees leaving all 3 girls in an unconscious heap of their own destruction!

This movie contains throat lift KO, chloroform KO, iron claw head KO, pressure point KOs, pressure point wake ups, pressure point freeze spots, gas mask with sleepy spray KO, neck pinch double KO, self chloroform KO, body pile, over the shoulder carries, cradle carry, rag dolling, fem bot commands

20 minutes run time with OUTTAKES!
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 618 MB

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