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Two New Recruits


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Bambi Buttons, and Jinx

We fade in on the lovely agent Velvets looking over two brand new recruits (Jinx and Bambi Buttons) as her boss watches. The girls are instructed to participate in a training exercise designed to pick out the agency's newest employee, one that involves stealth and specific knockout skills. Before the contest begins, however, agent Velvets sends both ladies down with karate chops, undressed them, and puts them right back out again Gia pressure point KOs on the soles of their feet! Smiling, Velvets wakes them up and instructs them to change into official trainee attire as she prepares to lurk in the shadows and wait for the right time to test the new girls out with her own brand of sneak attacks... What follows is several short scenes featuring both Bambi and Jinx trying to outscore each other with karate chops and pressure points (with the girls begging for a trip to Dreamland throughout each attack), all while Agent Velvets delights in taking them down and out as they attempt to stalk each other. A final bedroom confrontation leads to some teamwork that finally scores crucial points for the recruits after finally taking Jacquelyn out! This leads to a double promotion from the boss, who enters POV style and delivers the good news...along with some well-deserved final KOs for all three agents!

This movie contains neck chop KOs, foot pressure point KOs, double neck chop KO, sleeper hold woozy, double punch woozy, over the shoulder carry, body piles, body pile dragging, pleading, quick KO reactions

21 minutes run time with 10 minutes of ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.72 GIG

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