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The Knockout Neighbor


Starring Serena Voxx, Jacquelyn Velvets and Sleeperkid

We fade in on SK as he awakens from a hung-over slumber, only to discover a woman’s nearly nude sleeping body next to him in bed!  After recognizing her as his neighbor Serena, the panic-stricken SK remembers the previous night in flashes: one where Serena came over unannounced with wine and attempted to seduce him with her beautiful and bare feet.  He suddenly gets a phone call from his wife Jacquelyn, who’s decided to come home early from vacation, prompting the terrified to try and wake Serena up, but the girl is completely out and limp.  SK tried tickling her soled, but there’s zero reaction.  A long body drag scene leads us to the living room, where SK gets another call from his wife.  He props Serena against the back door, her body slowly sliding against the glass, her face smooshed as she drops to her knees.  SK has no idea what to do, so her picks her up in an OTS carry and starts thinking aloud.  He spots his wife’s car pulling up and quickly carries Serena back to the bedroom, wrapping her up in a blanket. We see SK’s POV as Velvets appears in the hallway, hoping to surprise him with her early arrival.  SK is terrified as we see through his eyes, witnessing Serena’s bare feet sticking out of the blanket…right as Miss Velvets walks in.  Jacquelyn is livid, but SK convinces her that nothing happened.  Jacquelyn reveals the fact that she never trusted Serena, right as the blonde starts to slowly awaken.  A furious Jacquelyn takes her anger out on the semi-conscious blonde, knocking her out with several blows to the face.  A final mounted flurry of punches puts Serena down and out yet again!  Satisfied she leaves her husband the task of getting her rival out of the house.  We see SK take his time, admiring Serena’s feet before OTS carrying her into the living room, where a final full body KO slide against the glass spells Serena’s unconscious humiliation!!!

This movie contains rag dolling, emphasis on feet, multiple punch KOs, dragging, over the shoulder carries, limp limb manipulation


18 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.3 GB

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