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A Nightie To Remember


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sumiko, Serena Voxx and Hannah Perez

We fade in on the lovely Hannah Perez, Sumiko, Serena, and Jacquelyn Velvets in the middle of a slumber party that’s slowly losing its fun factor. The girls, dressed in sexy nighties, decide to play a knockout game devised by Sumiko…with Jacquelyn loving the concept and an unsure Hannah and Serena reluctantly agreeing. Before they can change their minds, Sumiko unleashes a blast of sleeping gas from a hidden canister, knocking her friends out cold and sparking a long series of wake-up/KO scenes…all administered by the lovely Sumiko, who administers a barrage of a knockout fest and takes breaks in between their naps to carry the limp girls over her shoulder! The games continue until Jacquelyn Velvets decides to take control with a blackjack strike that knocks Sumiko out COLD. She proceeds to play a final three-way sleepy dust mask game with her besties, forcing them to make a run for it…leading to a final three girl eyerolling pile on the floor. She delivers a sleepy kiss to each friend and runs off to make mimosas as the beautiful girls snooze away in a heap on the ground!!

This movie contains 3 girl sleepy gas KO, sleepy spray KO, neck pinch KOs, neck chop KOs, taser KOs, sleeper hold KOs, chloroform KO, black jack KO, sleepy kissing, over the shoulder carries, limp limb manipulation


23 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.8 GIG

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