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Chasing Celebrity


Starring Coco, Jacquelyn Velvets and YOU as the POV

Life is hard as an A-List celebrity. You should know…this is like the THIRD time you’ve had to go into hiding because of a crazed fan. This time, though, you’re ready. You’ve hired the notorious bodyguard CoCo to defend you! She’s highly trained and ready to rock. She has decided to do a perimeter sweep…but before she leaves, she hands you a special new kind of chloroform…this one won’t just give you a nap, it’ll wipe your memory clean too! 

You’re pretty sure that you can handle yourself, but when sexy attacker Jacquelyn Velvets breaches your room and rushes you, you don’t stand a chance! She puts you down…and when you come to you aren’t really sure what’s going on…but your pants are off! Coco comes in to try to save you, but in the ensuing struggle, she’s taken down too! 

Now you’re tied beside her on the floor. You’re pantsless, and she’s totally nude…and Jacquelyn has a HUGE vibrator in her hand! This night is certainly not gonna turn out like you think! 

This movie contains POV hand smother, POV chloroform, neck chop KOs, nerve pinch KOs, chloroform KOs, FO, uniform stealing, bondage, full nudity, simulated strap on sex


  • 32 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 2.62 GB

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