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A Rookie Move


Starring Galas and Jacquelyn Velvets. Based on a custom script, Galas plays a rookie detective that finds her determination to locate a top secret file on her own only gets her in a heap of trouble from the menacing Jacquelyn Velvets. At first Galas is taken out easily, but after Jacquelyn realizes she has a new victim to play with, the stakes are raised and the games can begin for this persistent rookie. Galas gets the taught the hard way not to snoop around where she doesn't belong, and meets her fate with being put under in a hypnotic trance that ends this rookie's career...permanently.

This movie contains sleeper hold KO, double neck chop KO, gas mask KOs, neck pinch KO, teasing chloroform KO, woozy injection, hypnotic suggestion, neck snap death with eyes closed, eye checks, dragging, limp limb manipulation

21 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 658 MB

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