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Blackout Invasion Part 2


We pick up where we last left Jacquelyn and Eliza: Unconscious in a body pile after a vicious KO battle. When Eliza begins to awaken, Jacquelyn gives her a triple dose of chloroform to make sure she stays put while she goes back to looting. In the process, another cat burglar (Danielle Trixie) quickly enters the house and accidentally knocks her out with the door! After dragging her away, Trixie knows her time is limited so she tosses Jacquelyn aside and gets to work. But when Jacquelyn sees Trixie, they embrace in a cat fight that knocks them  both out with a headbutt! After some sense is knocked into them, they both realize they need to take out Eliza together, but unfortunately for them Eliza has the jump on them from the beginning and has her way with an onslaught of double knockouts to both girls. Eliza has her fun, and even gets to use her new hypnotic gloves that force the girls to knock each other out repeatedly! When the tables are turned, an amusing series of events occurs that leaves all three girls in a sleepy heap! Not to be missed chock full of action video with a wide variety of knockouts, and a bit of creative humor thrown into how the girls get KO'ed!

This movie contains teasing chloroform KO, door slam KO, headbutt KO, double neck chop KO, double punch out KOs, double sleeper hold KO, double neck pinch KO, double temple drill KO, hypnosis, hand smother KOs, sleeper hold/neck pinch combo KO, wall slam KO, ping pong punch out KO, de-masking, eye checks, over the shoulder carries, dragging, limp limb manipulation, rag dolling

29 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 902 MB

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