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The Sleepy Specialist Part 2


Starring Sumiko and Kristie Etzold. A young woman is drawn to the idea of being rendered unconscious. She fantasizes about being knocked out and carried around, her limp body reduced to a plaything by a more powerful woman. Lucky for her, such a woman exists. This young woman hires this Sleepy Specialist and paces around her home minutes before her appointment...nervous and excited at the same time. The Specialist arrives and the young lady is pleased at her size, strength, and dedication to the finer points of her fetish. The two discuss the fantasy at hand, and the powerful woman starts off with a simple hand over mouth KO. The young woman slips into a deep sleep as the Specialist rag dolls her, realizing that this just might be the most beautiful subject  she's ever encountered. A power struggle suddenly arises, with the client realizing that she might have bitten of more than she can chew...and the Specialist deciding that she's having way too much fun to stop. The knockouts continue, along with the removal of clothing, carrying, and other odds and ends...until the Specialist decides she might just want to "keep" this subject for her at-home collection. Did we mention she has one of those? Well..,neither did the VERY qualified Sleep Expert...who puts her lovely client out one last time before taking her home for an even LONGER "private" session!!!

This movie contains hand smother KO, chloroform KO, dust mask with sleepy spray KO, sleepy gas KO, neck pinch KO, cradle carry, over the shoulder carries, eye checks, limp limb manipulation, rag dolling

23 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 720 MB

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