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Captive Deception


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Hannah Perez, and Saya

Fans of knockouts, mystery, twist endings, spy-based drama, and more will love this brand new Velvets Fantasies release…starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Hannah Perez, and Saya Savage!  Jacquelyn stars as Mona, a woman whose beauty is only outweighed by her cunning, as she lures Cindy (Hannah) and Jill (Saya) into her home for a girls-only makeup party.  After tricking Jill into leaving the room, Mona proceeds to slowly render Cindy unconscious with a mixture of sleepy moisturizer and an ether-soaked cotton pad.  She hides Cindy and Jill enters, only to take her own knockout via Mona’s drug-laced fingernail digging into her skin.  Mona drags Jill off, who later awakens in a bedroom.  She finds a gun and hears a noise behind her, firing what she thinks is a bullet into Cindy’s chest.  A stunned Cindy grasps at herself and collapses as Jill screams in terror.  Jill tries to escape but the room fills with gas, knocking her out cold.

The two ladies awaken again, with Jill surprised to see Cindy alive.  Turns out the gun was filled with tranquilizers.  Next comes a poisoned water supply, Mona’s antidote, another tranquilizer KO, and a finale jam-packed twists, knockouts, and turns that lead to a kiss, the sudden twist of a knife, the forced POV swallowing of a cyanide capsule, and a single woman (can you guess who?) leaving the scene unharmed…

This one is classic noir, peril, and damsel in distress action at it’s very best.  Order now!

This movie contains moisturizer woozy effects, chloroform pad KOs, drugged drink KO, tranquilizer gun KO, choke KO, gas KO, injection KO, tranquilizer dart KO, stabbing death, cyanide death, dragging, sleepy kissing



35 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.76 GIG


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